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por Anna Lou  Olivier (Lou de Olivier)
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 Academic Curriculum:

Official courses

* Psychologist and Psychotherapist, specialist in disorders of learning and behavior and drugs addiction

* Specialization in Behavioral Medicine (Federal University of Medicine at São Paulo State)

* Special Master in Human Sciences;

* Masters Degree in Psychology;

* University Extension in Musical Therapy;

* University Extension in Neuropsychology;

* Bachelor of Performing Arts;

* Degree in Visual Arts;

* Education / Teaching with full degree for teaching elementary and secondary;

* Teaching with a specialization in elementary school;

Free courses:

* Psychoanalysis;

* Art Therapy;

* Dramatic Arts (theater);

* Cinema storyboarder;

* Several arts courses (highlighting Opera and popular singing,

Dance with emphasis on classical ballet, flamenco, tribal and belly Dance)

* Registrations: CRT, RCE, DRT (MTPS)

Associated with professional bodies:

* ABPP - Brazilian Association of Educational Psychology;

* ABRAP - Brazilian Association of Psychotherapy;

* ASTOC - Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo;

* CCBC (Health Committee member CC Brazil-Canada)

* SATED - Union of Artists and Technicians in amusement;

* SBAT - Brazilian Society of Playwrights;

Public recognition:

In recognition of her courageous performance in several areas, Lou de Olivier won four international trophies and more than fifty national trophies as Writer and Researcher and integrates pages 279 and 280 of the book Brazil of all people Sao Paulo, its history, its monuments - Highlights and personalities - of 2009.

Lou de Olivier is also mentioned (as a writer and playwright) on pages 187, 405 and 670 of the Brazilian Literature Encyclopaedia - Volume I Organized by Afrânio Coutinho and Joseph Galante Sousa - Global Publisher - RJ - Brazil - National Library Foundation - Brazilian Academy of Letters - 2001 (Original from the University of Michigan);

Lou also includes the Women Dictionary - Volume II - 532-533 pages, the historian Hilda Flores – Florianópolis – SC – Brazil.

Lou is also part of Brazil A to Z historical book - 2009/2012 by the Brazilian Institute Biographical and Brazilian Academy of Art and Culture and History – SP – Brazil.

Also part of the pioneers of Brazilian television picture on the TV Museum - Sao Paulo - Brazil

She has received International Trophies "Award Echo of Literature", as Writer and Lancaster House Award as Researcher - (both in London - England), years 2000-2002, "Diploma of Merit Social Entrepreneurship, Business, Professional " (in Uruguay) – 2008

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Acquired Dyslexia and Multi Therapy by Lou de Olivier – Research Abstract

1 - Acquired Dyslexia (formalized in Health Science National Library of Medicine - Medical Subject Headings - CID10 and DeCS)

Objective: The objective of this study proves the existence of a new disturbance or variation of dyslexia that can be caused by an absence or reduction of brain oxygenation.

Methods: Acquired Dyslexia by general anoxia ou perinatal anoxia (fetal distress) has been identified and researched since 1978 by psychotherapist and psycho pedagogist Lou de Olivier (pen name of Ana Lourdes de Oliveira) which, since an accident when occurred anoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) resulting in loss of memory and ability to read, and began to research the subject. In the period between years 1978 and 1995 was widely researched in schools and clinical treatments to children and adults tested with Multitherapy Method developed by Lou de Olivier culminating in official publications from 1996/1997 in newspapers (Brazil, USA, England and Portugal). In 1999 in the book “The Productive School” pg. 11, followed by publication in 2003 in the book “Learning / Behavior Disorders: Truths that no one have been published” pg. 13 and from 2006 made official in the book “Learning and Behavior Disorders(currently in sixth edition) on page 50. In all these publications, Olivier said that acquired dyslexia is caused by accidents such as an strike, perinatal anoxia also known as neonatal hypoxia among others.

Results: Parallel researches in Brazil and other countries began to add to the theme more scientific basis and is currently officially classified in Health Sciences descriptors worldwide in Portuguese, Spanish and English, where it receives the name “Acquired Dyslexia” and in Portuguese where besides the name “Acquired Dyslexia/acquired disorder” are similar terms “acquired Alexia Blindness” and “acquired Verbal blindness”. The official classification is as follows: aphasia receptive characterized by visual loss of capacity previously acquired in understanding the meaning or significance of words written by hand, despite the vision be intact. This condition may be associated with infarction Posterior Cerebral Artery and other brain diseases.

Conclusion: After more than thirty years researching and advocating the theme, Acquired Dyslexia is formalized in Health Science (National Library of Medicine - Medical Subject Headings) in English, Spanish and Portuguese by Lou de Olivier's efforts. But now Lou is still defending Acquired Dyslexia caused by Fetal Distress (Perinatal Anoxia)

Keywords: Dyslexia, Acquired Dyslexia, Fetal Distress, Neonatal Anoxy, Learning / Behavior Disorders

Global Clinical Psychologists Annual Meeting- PDF, click here

2 - Multitherapy, welcome to the Therapy of the Future! (registered: 5.260.568-SP/BR)


Originally titled multitherapy, to have been plagiarized and very widespread wrongly, received the subtitle Multiple Therapies and, as a result, had definitively as multitherapy Legitimate: therapeutic technique developed by Lou Olivier (pen name of Ana Lourdes de Oliveira) which to promote a complete restructuring providing multidirectional individual balance in all aspects a blend of technical areas and makes only multitherapy effective in different treatments to understanding that each patient is unique and adapting the method to the case and follows the evolution each individual frame. And, in all cases, balance / rebalances the patient in all aspects (omnidirectional) and definitive.


The main areas and techniques that make up the multitherapy are:

Musical Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Art Therapy, Neuropsychology, and Behavioral Medicine, Performing Arts . Within these areas we use the principle conventional therapy (interview / history / testing, among others). To find out the diagnosis, uses Psychodrama, Therapeutic Theatre, Poetry and creations, workshops and analysis in drawing and painting, dramatic games, many games, sounds and rhythms, body language, relaxation at various levels, developments, among others. Recalling that in each treatment, there is a series of coupled techniques and is only possible to develop a treatment from the first consultation, so the techniques mentioned above are just the basics of each treatment. In special cases, the multitherapy has its own resources and leading the patient to a different treatment of any other with excellent results. The multitherapy follows the philosophy of holism (Greek holos, whole), in therapeutic terms means that man is an undividable, that can not be understood through an analysis of its different parts, and therefore analyzed and addressed from various angles (biological, mental, psychological, energetical). However, multitherapy goes far beyond that, it brings together very serious areas, already mentioned above and seeks to treat each individual as unique, adapting the treatment to each case, a personalized treatment (taylor made) and thus reaching high degree of control and cure for many disorders now treated as "incurables".


These techniques treats depression, anxiety, stress, all learning and behavioral disorders, including PDDs (autism / limitrophy, among others). We serve with the multitherapy method and areas of Psychology and Psychotherapy the following cases: Learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculy, etc.) behavior disorders (OCD - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Tourette's, ADHD, bipolar, etc.) PDDs (Pervasive Disorder Development- autism / asperger, limitrofia, etc.) we also serve cases of Depression, Anxiety, insomnia, failures or lack of memory and Family Disorders (domestic violence, possessivity, among others, do couples therapy). The diagnosis consists of anamnesis (interview with tests and exams) analyzing all the patient's history in detail and leading to a firm diagnosis, usually on the first session. (in very complex cases, the diagnosis can be completed in up to three sessions)


Multitherapy works quickly because makes available, several techniques and areas that are adapted to the solution of the case; It is taylor-made, each patient has developed a treatment for its case only; Operates in the patient environment: After anamnesis and initial analysis, the therapist Lou de Olivier visits the house (or office) or the patient's environment and know the reality, checks their rituals, finally, analyzes the environment also the patient. Besides these, there are other differences that make quick and effective multitherapy in treatments of learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculy, etc.), behavior disorders (obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome, anxiety / depression, among others. It is also effective in the care and stimulation of learning of people with Down syndrome, failure or absence of memory and relief in accident sequelae. Currently this technique is used in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries, and Lou de Olivier is expanding it to other countries.

Multitherapy, welcome to the Therapy of the Future!

Keywords: Multitherapy, behavior disorders, learning disabilities, innovative treatment, mental balance.

Multitherapy - therapy techniques developed by Lou de Olivier in Mental Health and Addiction Research (MHAR) - 

PDF, click here

More informations in website: http://loudeolivier.com/English.php

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 Officials publications by Lou de Olivier

There are numerous official publications signed by Lou de Olivier on acquired dyslexia and MultiTherapy. We cite here the main in descending order:

Books, monographs and research:

Plainly Dyslexia (e-book) Independent production and publishing by Lou de Olivier 2015

Disorders of behavior and learning disorders, Olivier Lou author - Year 2013 - Rio de Janeiro – RJ - Brazil;

Learning and behavior disorders, Olivier Lou author - currently in sixth edition since 2003- Rio de Janeiro – RJ - Brazil;

Learning/ behavior Disorders - truths that no one published - Olivier Lou author - now out of print since 2003 São Paulo - SP gave rise to the two books mentioned above and was not reissued;

Learning Problems in preschool - Olivier Lou author - São Paulo - SP year 1999;

* The Productive School, Lou Olivier author - São Paulo - SP year 1999;.

Monograph perinatal anoxia generating dyslexia, dysgraphia and other significant disorders of learning, 1996/1997.

Articles in magazines and newspapers:

Dossier perinatal anoxia and acquired dyslexia, Lou de Olivier, Psyche Magazine, Issue 90, June 2013 Publisher Scale;

Article Dyslexia, Lou de Olivier, Directions Magazine issue 74, January 2013, Publisher Scale;

Interview with Lou de Olivier for the magazine Psychology BrazilIssue 42, June / July 2007 Publisher Criarp;

Article Dyslexia: Exact definition of the disorder, Lou de Olivier - between 1996 and 2000, published in various print and electronic journals be several publishers as Sunday News (São Paulo-New York), Intersul (São Paulo), UK-Brazil Magazine (Brazil/England), Here we are-Portugal, among other

Psyche 81 Dossier magazine, year VI - September 2012 and the book Behavior Disorders and Learning Disabilities describing the multitherapy, both by Lou de Olivier.

In the period between 1995 and 2013, Lou de Olivier published numerous articles, files, participated in numerous radio and television interviews in addressing the Multi Therapy and Acquired Dyslexia themes, and related topics (learning disabilities, behavior disorders, family disturbances) and also disclosing the innovative technique developed by her and entitled multitherapy.

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